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Social Media

In China, online social media has already linked over 1 billion people together. According to what people say: where there are people, there’s market and market means needs for marketing. So in this place with 1 billion people, marketing on China social media has already become a crucial topic for companies who want to develop their business in China. The question is how to develop your social media marketing on Chinternet where Facebook, twitter and YouTube are totally blocked?

Is that too hard to believe that how can a developing country like China own a huge online community whose members even outnumber twice the entire US population?
The data following will help you understand and believe it: QQ, the first popular network nationwide has 700 million monthly active users on it, and 500 million monthly active users on Qzone, something like Facebook, as reported in 2012 by Tencent. And this is only the achievement of one company, excluding other great platforms holding hundreds of millions of users like Sina Weibo (often compared as Chinese twitter), Renren (Chinese Facebook) and recently popular WeChat.
What’s amazing is not only the number of the active users on social media, but also the time they spend on it. As “Marketing”, a Chinese leading magazine in marketing, pointed out last year that Chinese netizens spend more time on social media than portals.